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Shelter Registration Help

Registration is open to all Ferret Shelters. In order to avoid any abuse, we will verify each registration. Shelters listed with the American Ferret Association or Save Our Shelters will be processed quickly. Shelters not listed with these organizations will must provide additional proof via an email to admin@ferretgivingtree.com from a "well known" person in the community, an approved shelter or their veterinarian.

  1. Register your shelter and create an account on the giving tree by going to http://www.ferretgivingtree.com/register.php.

  2. On the registration page, fill in as many details as you wish to appear on the tree (as has been done in past years). DO NOT FORGET THE USERNAME AND PASSWORD YOU HAVE CHOSEN!

  3. Type the security code in the last box on the form and click Submit.

  4. This will create the new account and shelter details and advise the tree helpers that you have requested access (you will receive a copy of this message). Please ensure admin@ferretgivingtree.com is whitelisted in your spam filters so you can receive the e-mails.

  5. Within a day or two, a tree helper will sign on and activate your account. You will receive an e-mail confirming the account activation.

  6. Now it's time to enter the details for each Ferret. Sign on the Giving Tree database by going to http://www.ferretgivingtree.com/db/ (this link is included in the confirmation instructions).

If you have problems with Registration, please Contact Us.

Thank you for joining the Ferret Giving Tree!

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