Fat boy
Fat boy Fat boy is 8 years young. His owner had to surrender him and his cage mate when she lost her home. He was very sick when he came in and was very thin and had a lot of fur loss. He had to have alot of round the clock care for many months because he was so weak and couldn't eat or drink on his own. He was given a desloren implant to help with his adrenal disease and was started on prednisolone to help with his insulinoma. We fought long and hard to save him and 3 times we almost lost him. But he proved he was a determined boy and fought to live. Today he is a big fat fluffy boy that loves to play and thinks he is a puppy that has to follow you everywhere. But sadly we have to limit his excitement level. He was recently diagnosed with a few heart problems that makes it very hard on him and he currently is on 3 medications for his heart. He loves to scoot in tubes even though he barely fits in the traditional ferret tubes. He also loves to play in crinkle sacks. When he isn't playing he loves to snuggle up in a fluffy baby blanket. For Christmas he has asked if Santa can bring him if possible his favorite treat of pickled ferrets pickle juice and some Alphatrac 2 test strips to help monitor his glucose, and some washable pee pads since he has a hard time getting to a litter box to potty now.

Santa please send his gift special marked with his name so he knows which one is his to open.
Please Send Gifts to:
Texas Ferret Lovers Rescue
over 50 in foster homes as well as those currently at the rescue waiting for homes.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Wendy K. Dearixon DVM
Vickery Place Animal Hospital
2720 N. Henderson Ave.
Dallas Texas United States 75206
donations can be made directly to our vet and placed on our acct. for any ferret in our care.

Fat boy has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


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