Bartlett Pear
Bartlett Pear Bartlett Pear is almost 7 years young. He came to the rescue in October of 2015 weighing in at 5 pounds with a massive tummy that made him Pear shaped. He was diagnosed with cancerous cells in the fluid pulled from his belly and given only weeks to live. Despite the poor prognosis Pear has now been with his foster mom for a full two years! His belly shrank within a few months and while the threat of cancer will always be there his miraculous recovery amazed his veterinarians. To keep Pear healthy he is fed high quality food and he is kept mentally and physically active. He is a busy ferret and requires a lot of personal attention to keep him from getting bored! His foster mom is always looking for new ways to keep him busy and excited about his life! If a positive attitude really can beat cancer – that’s what Pear did.
Pears hobbies include bothering his sister Peaches and the dogs, climbing the kitchen cabinets, running through tunnels, finding new places to explore, digging holes, and hunting for and stashing his precious treasures! His most prized possessions are rubber duckys, kitten and puppy chew toys, and bubble wrap. His toys get hidden every day and depending on how tough the hiding spots are he finds pretty much all of them to return to the stash. Once damaged his toys get tossed so he’s always ready for more treasures to search for! He also loves digging pretty much anything and unpacking boxes from Amazon. It’s an added bonus when the boxes have stuff for him in them!
Santa for christmas he ask for new toys that will help keep him busy and motivated.
Santa please send his package special marked with his name so he knows which one is his to open.
Please Send Gifts to:
Texas Ferret Lovers Rescue
over 50 in foster homes as well as those currently at the rescue waiting for homes.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Wendy K. Dearixon DVM
Vickery Place Animal Hospital
2720 N. Henderson Ave.
Dallas Texas United States 75206
donations can be made directly to our vet and placed on our acct. for any ferret in our care.

Bartlett Pear has a Santa.


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