Ele Ele is a 4 year old little lady that came in as a nameless girl with almost no fur, from what previous owners thought was a protein deficiency, but was actually adrenal disease.
Her fur was so sparse before going to the vet, she looked like a cinnamon girl where she did have fur. After getting her implant, she was no longer a cinnamon girl, she had a full coat of beautiful chocolate fur in no time.
She had a cage mate, they were bonded so very much and were quite the pair. Her skin was so wrinkly like an elephant from the adrenal, that her name became Ele and her cage mate was named Calypso. In late March, little Ele lost Calypso and it's taken a toll on her, because she doesn't play like she used to. She sleeps in her sleepy spots, she eats when she's hungry, and the only other time that she's active, is when she comes up onto her human foster Mommy's bed to see her for some of her favorite yummy oil treat of pickled ferrets Pickle Juice. She has other playmates, but doesn't play with them often. She likes to play in tubes, but all her other Playmates have played in the tubes so much, they had to be cut up in smaller pieces, because they are so worn down. She likes to curl up in her round beds, in her sleepy sacks, or even under one of her foster Mommy's many soft blankets.
Santa All Ele really wants is her Calypso back, but she knows that can't happen. Santa, could you find her some different types of tube toys for her to play in? Those are her favorite and might just make this Christmas without Calypso, a little happier for her. Also some of her favorite yummy pickled ferrets pickle juice.
Santa please special mark her package with her name so she knows which one is hers to open.
Please Send Gifts to:
Texas Ferret Lovers Rescue
over 50 in foster homes as well as those currently at the rescue waiting for homes.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Wendy K. Dearixon DVM
Vickery Place Animal Hospital
2720 N. Henderson Ave.
Dallas Texas United States 75206
donations can be made directly to our vet and placed on our acct. for any ferret in our care.

Ele has a Santa.


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