Minnie Hi Der! My name is Minnie and I am estimated to be about 6 years old. I was a surrender as Da Momma was told they didn't have time for me anymore. I get along wif ebberyone except dat annoying baby brudder of mine Otis. He likes to jump on meh and run away (chicken butt). Da Momma says I amy just spend mah days here wif the crew unless a special family comes along wif a big enough heart to love meh for however long I got.

I love da soupies so anything like the Wysong Archetype Quail Formula and carnivore care would be much appreciated. I could also use a dental as mah tetth are needing it since they didn't take very good care of meh at dat udder place I was livin in. I spend a lot of my time after I play a bit curled up in a hammock or sleepy sac wif mah sista Lulu.

Tanks fur readin mah story. Happy Holidays to ya and have a blessed New Year.
Please Send Gifts to:
One Eyed Willy's Pirate Cove Rescue
We can always use donations to the vet for continued care of the babies here.

The foods they are currently on are Wysong Ferret Digestive Support and Dr Foster & Smith Ferret Premium. We are always in demand for Carnivore care as we have quite a few special needs and hospice babies that need soupies frequently with this added to it.

General Needs or Wants besides the food is listed on our Amazon.com Wishlist. https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/1YD4SMXJFRN2?&sort=default

Gift cards always welcomed and very much appreciated. We do a lot with Amazon, Dr Foster & Smith, Chewys. We would love Menards as well cause Da Momma wants to redo our floor in our room cause da carpet getting a bit beyond cleanable.

The ultimate dream gift would be liner sets for a combined 2 DBL FN cages made into 1 huge cage and a regular DBL FN Cage.

What we DON'T need is any blankets as we have an over abundance at the moment.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Katy Parr
Glenwood Village Pet Hospital
555 E Glenwood Lansing Rd
Glenwood IL USA 60425

Minnie has a Santa.


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