Mimzy Mimzy is a 3 year old princess that has already had a very hard life. She came to our rescue in desperate need of vet care. She was unable to keep her blood sugar up even though she was on 2 medications and we knew she couldn't last much longer this way. So our awesome vet was afraid we couldn't wait any longer for the meds to try and help her she needed surgery right away to try and save her life. So she went in and had surgery and we hoped this would be the end of her battle with her blood sugar. We were wrong. Now she has had issues with her blood sugar being dangerously high and had to go back to her vet again to try and help her. she was given insulin to help bring her levels down and it has taken 2 day stays at her vet to finally get her insulin shots right. Mimzy now gets her glucose checked daily and insulin shots to help keep her stable. It has been a long road to save her and we are happy to say she is now up and moving and has a new life ahead of her.

Santa she asked if you can please send her some Alphatrac 2 test strips please to help with all the ones she needs to keep her going. She also would like is a hammock stand that is free standing with a hammock big enough to hold her 14 new friends. She loves to cuddle puddle.We need a new digging material or set up to get them fired up please( Ball pit balls would be fun!), and some disposable pee pads, could use more cave type beds for her to cuddle up in with friends when she isn't feeling well, and we feed orijen mixed with totally ferret. we can also use some yummy Pickled Ferrets Pickle Juice.

Santa can you please special mark her name on her package so she knows which one is hers to open.
Please Send Gifts to:
Texas Ferret Lovers Rescue
over 50 in foster homes as well as those currently at the rescue waiting for homes.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Wendy K. Dearixon DVM
Vickery Place Animal Hospital
2720 N. Henderson Ave.
Dallas Texas United States 75206
donations can be made directly to our vet and placed on our acct. for any ferret in our care.

Mimzy has a Santa.


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