Theo Hi am am Theo. I was surrendered a year ago with 3 other siblings. I will remain in the care of Da Rescue here for the rest of my days as we have found out that I have a severe heart condition that they say I was born with. (I will be only 2 come this December and they only gibs me a year to live) My previous place had abused me by kicking me repeatedly in the face with shoes. I came to Da Rescue a very upset manfert and wanted to bite ebbrybuddy so bad that I would lock down on you and draw da bloods. We found the heart condition and a bum liver when my fang gave way from a fracture and I went to da doc lady. The light sedation they gave me almost stopped da heart for good. Da Momma said I couldn't leave her cause we had lots more time for me to be shown da lovin and a nice place to call home. Da Momma has worked berry hard with me and I no longer am a biter. I still want to destroy any shoes I see whether on da feets or just sitting there. They look at me all mean ya know... But I know I am safe here and no one will eber kicks me again. I only gets lots ob lovin and play time with my new brudders and sistas here. I shows Da Momma and my berry favorite Da Daddy dat I am really a good boy. I take my medicine without much troubles. Da Momma tries to disguise it with a sugar free peanut butter flavoring but it still kinda icky.

What I really like to do is stash. Da Momma giggles a lot watching me take off with stuff 10x my size. But if I can grabs it I takes it hehe. So if you can stock me up on the stuffies (stuffed animals) I would really really like that. I also like them bad for me treats. Da Momma calls them Bandits Peanut Butter Flavored treats.

Tanks for reading about me and here's to one more Christmas I get with the business and Da Momma and Da Daddy! Love ~ Theo

Other things Theo and the others in the rescue could benefit from is the following:

Nature’s Variety Instinct Chicken Flavored Kibble
Carnivore Care
XL Pee Pads
Sleepy Cups
Sleep Cubes
Sleep Sacs That Attach to Cage
Ball Pit Balls to Help Fill Our Pool
Heavy Glass or Ceramic Bowls With No Rubber or Plastic on Them
Large Glass Water Bottles
All Sizes of Stuffed Animals for Stashing (with no plastic eyes as some of us like to try to eat them off)
Donations to vet for continued care
Amazon gift card
Please Send Gifts to:
One Eyed Willy's Pirate Cove Rescue

One Eyed Willy's Pirate Cove Rescue
Attn: (whichever fert you pick)
291 W. Country Ct
Bourbonnais, IL 60914

Currently there are 16 rescues residing here.
6 of them are hospice and/or special needs
babies and will be living their lives out here.
We do our best to give them all the quality of
life they need as so deserve. I do all my own
nail trimming, ear cleaning and brushing teeth
in house as we can't afford paying for dentals
though a couple of them could really benefit
from it. Any assistance is much appreciated!
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Katy Parr
Glenwood Village Pet Hospital
555 E Glenwood Lansing Rd
Glenwood Il United States 60425

Theo has a Santa.


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