Scotch Scotch came in to Ferrets North Information & Rescue Society with a large group of ferrets in August. Unfortunately, like most of the ferrets that came in at that time, he was not well enough to be adopted out and is a permanent foster in the society to ensure that his health needs are met.

For Christmas Scotch would love some Go! Fit and Free cat food, Instinct Raw Boost (Turkey, Chicken or Rabbit), Salmon oil, a new ferret tunnel (or 4" plastic dryer vent tube), a cat teaser toy, chirping cat toys, knobbly wobbly mini balls and other small, tough ferret-sized rubber toys.
Please Send Gifts to:
Ferrets North Information & Rescue Society
***We are located in Canada***
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Bonafine
College Heights Vet
5129 Domano Blvd
Prince George British Columbia Canada V2N 5E1
We have an account at the vet - donations can be made under \"Ferrets North\" at the vet office

Scotch has a Santa.


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