OSCAR Hello, I am Oscar! I am about 3 years old and I came to Friskybiznus from a terrible situation! I was advertised on a "Pets for Sale" group for $35 and it said I had to go ASAP! I don't understand why, but I was kept in my own filth in a small cage. I was underweight because I was not being fed. My rescuer refused to pay the money because of the condition I was in but got me anyway. Me and my sister were rushed here by the rescuer. Sadly, my sister didn't make it. She starved to death. I was a mess, but with plenty of TLC and yummy food, I blossomed into a beautiful sweet boy! I love to play and wrestle with my cagemates and sleep in soft places.
My special Christmas wish for me and my sanctuary are lots of good food and treats, supplies to keep us clean and healthy and pennies on our vet account.
Some ideas are:
FOOD: Zupreem REGULAR ONLY, Marshalls, Sheppard and Greene, Instinct Duck and Turkey, Instinct Chicken, Totally Ferret Active, Totally Ferret Turkey, Lamb and Venison,Stella and Chewy's Chicken for cats, Primal Nuggets Turkey
TREATS: Bandits (all flavors, but we love banana and raisin), N-Bones, Blue Wilderness Duck and Chicken, Ferretone or Pickle Juice
GROOMING SUPPLIES: ear cleaner, q-tips, round cotton pads
OTHER SUPPLIES: potty pads, paper towels, Clorox wipes, gift card for WalMart to buy laundry soap and paper towels
VET: Pennies on our vet account are more than appreciated. This will help with emergency vet care, Revolution and other meds.

Thank you for reading my story! I hope you will be my Santa! Luff, Oscar
Please Send Gifts to:
Friskybiznus Ferret Sanctuary

A Safe Place for Old Ferts!
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Dori Hertel
Loop 494 Animal Hospital
22326 Loop 494
Kingwood TX USA 77339
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OSCAR has a Santa.


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