Waffles was surrendered in rough shape in July; he was thin, weak and had patchy fur. We were also informed that he had peed blood on occasion, though his owners had never looked in to why. A quick trip to the vet revealed that Waffles had a bladder full of large stones. Fortunately, the stones were too large to cause an obstruction so we were able to delay the surgery until Waffles was stronger and healthier. Waffles is now in recovery and not available for adoption until we are able to confirm that there is no permanent damage.

Waffles has a special diet and for Christmas he would LOVE Stella and Chewy's freeze dried foods; he is a big boy and eats a LOT. Waffles also absolutely loves Wysong dream treats, Vital Essential Chicken or Turkey freeze dried niblets, as well as and Orijen Freeze Dried cat treats (chicken). His FAVOURITE toy is his super thru way tunnel, so he would love a new one to call his own. Waffles would also not say no to a soft, ferret safe stuffed toy or two.
Please Send Gifts to:
Ferrets North Information & Rescue Society
Please contact us for foster home shipping address
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Bonafine
College Heights Vet
5129 Domano Boulevard
Prince George British Columbia Canada V2N 5E1
We have an account at the vet under Ferrets North. Donations can be made directly to our account.

Waffles has a Santa.


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