Feona Feona came back to the shelter because the owners could no longer care for her. She is 2 yrs old and when she was adopted out, she was one sweet loving little girl. Last month when she came back I was really upset with the way she was acting, and she is very antisocial. She attacks other ferrets now and prefers to be alone. Last week I had to take her to the vet because she was having seizures for no apparent reason. The Dr had told me and Jessicia that the x-rays showed she has an old injury that wasn't completely healed, so i was pretty upset over this. She is now on seizure meds for awhile. In the mean time since she will be permanently at the shelter now, she is needing her own cage. I want her to have a pretty good sized one as I'm going to make is real homelike and just perfect for her. She also could use some new bedding; she loves sleep sacks and she has stolen those little tiny stuffed toys to put in her bed with her. Really anything she would really like to have, and she says thank you so much.
Please Send Gifts to:
Arkansas Ferret Rescue for Hospice and Sp Needs
If you would like to make any money donations for the the Ferret shelter this would be wonderful as it helps our med bills for them.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Bradly Lyon
Lyon Veterinary Hospital
5782 W Sunset Ave
Springdale Arkansas United States 72764
Need Melatonin Implants real bad.

Feona has a Santa.


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