Dozer   Dozer is a 4 yr old boy with a heart murmur, He is really a sweet heart and loves to lay on your shoulder under your long hair and sleep. he is a cuddle bug, there is really not much to say about him but he was found and brought to me in the night in a box with masking tape. He loves Pounce turkey and liver treats, and he loves Cheerios. Once in a while he gets one and he will roll over for ya! He is in a Foster home waiting to be brought back in the shelter here. All he will even eat is cat food I have tried everything else for him. His foster parents say he loves running thru tubes and playing with Walmart sacks -- that's it. We would love some more of Aunt Susan's Pickle Juice she makes for the ferrets. Dozer says thank you.
Please Send Gifts to:
Arkansas Ferret Rescue for Hospice and Sp Needs
If you would like to make any money donations for the the Ferret shelter this would be wonderful as it helps our med bills for them.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Bradly Lyon
Lyon Veterinary Hospital
5782 W Sunset Ave
Springdale Arkansas United States 72764
Need Melatonin Implants real bad.

Dozer has a Santa.


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