Wendy Da Blind
Wendy Da Blind Hello my name is Wendy, and I am a 4yo ferret who was given to PNW Ferret Foster Family Group because I developed blindness. I am the lovely sable ferret.

I live wif ma cagefriend Bitme and we are inseperable. Bitme cant use his back legs (he is on the tree too) and I cant see, we are perfect for each other.

I like toys that twinkle or scrunch cause den I can hear them. Both of us love da hammocks or we love to snuggle up in snuggle sacks.

The black out cover mommy puts on our cage is pretty worn out too so even one of dem would be awesome.

I am grateful for anyone who wants to pick me. Ma cagemate he has IBD so we eat the Totally Ferret Venison, but I loves da Turkey Baby Food & da Jims Duck Soup

Fank you for reading my story
Please Send Gifts to:
PNW Ferret Foster Family Group
This is a group of 21 foster parents who care for these fuzzies, it is not a central location but organized by 2 main ladies along with the support of the foster parents
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Krueger
All Creatures Animal Hospital
4242 State Highway 3 W
Bremerton WA USA 98312
Accounts are held by the independent foster parents but paid through the account Steven & Marina Ray

Wendy Da Blind has a Santa.


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