Wicked Greetings Santa. Don't worry, my name does not mean I should be on the naughty list. I just nip people on occasion when they are in my way. My pelvis was broken when I was a baby and now at age 8, I do have trouble walking. So I have to remind people I am right at their feet. I have so much to do. Pete won't stop moving my toys around. He has no organizational skills. You know young boys, just stash it under the table and not behind the couch - you just can't reason with them.
So my time here may be short but I am lucky enough to have spent many years here. Rescue Mom promised that because of my injury, I would always have a warm bed here. She gives me ferretone and Marhsall Duk Soup almost daily.
If the elves want to make us a new toy, we like fluffy ones, rubber ones and funny ones like my moose. But I would really like some food like Totally Ferret Turkey Venison and Lamb. Its my favorite.
I know how hard you all work and appreciate all you do for the hundreds of ferrets here on the Giving Tree.
Thank you - Miss Wicked
Please Send Gifts to:
Sammys Clubhouse Spokane Ferret Rescue
Paypal is pattattack@netzero.com

Sammy’s Clubhouse is the last remaining ferret rescue that serves Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. We do our best but we need support from the community to keep going.
We are fortunate that the rescues who have closed around us have donated many hammocks and cages. We wish they were staying around because this caused a huge influx in our hospice ferrets.
With these donations, this leaves us in need of medical funds and food for the almost 60 ferrets here. Only a third of our population are healthy enough to rehome. We really need melatonin implants which can be purchased from Support Our Shelters at a drastically reduced price. Because of the age of most of our ferrets, they really could use a good dental cleaning which averaging in price of 75-150. Then our kids need food.
We feed Drs Foster and Smith ferret food, Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost chicken (cat food), Zupreem, Marshalls and they go through a large supply of Marshall's Uncle Jim's Duk Soup along with Ferretone (8 in 1 Skin and Coat Supplement).
Of course the ferrets all love Totally Ferret Turkey Venison and Lamb, Orijen cat and kitten or FROMM chicken or duck.
Then for treats the ferrets like Nbones Chicken and Marshall Bandit treats, chicken is the most popular flavor.

The shelter also would like any of the following items which help support additional shelters:
Dr T’s Amazing Ferret Fixins Soup Mix – https://www.facebook.com/drtsoopie1/
Pooppin’ Pumpkin. Found at http://rockyscreaturecomforts.ecrater.com/
Pickle Juice (better than Ferretone) - https://www.facebook.com/PFPicklejuice

Thank you all
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Julia Leese
Mt Empire Veterinary Services
12619 E Sprague Avenue, Suites 1 & 2
Spokane Valley WA US 99216
Not only does Dr. Leese run a very low cost veterinary clinic but also a dog and cat rescue/rehoming service with her self wash dog business. We could not do this without her.

Wicked has a Santa.


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