Otter Otter really is very special. He came in many years ago alone and scared until one day he found a friend in a face biter named Petey. The spent several years together until Petey passed away of old age last year. Otter is getting old himself and has exceeded all our expectations in every way. He does have a hard time eating, as some of his teeth have been removed, and he loves Chicken flavored baby food. He also likes stuffed animal ferrets to snuggle up to as he sleeps.

We here at the shelter would also appreciate disposable under pads for our cages (23x36) and gift cards to Walmart for ferret soup, tractor supply for litter or Amazon for medical supplies. Also, if you would like to donate to our paypal our e-mail address is
Please Send Gifts to:
Ann's Ferret Shelter & Adoption Inc.
All of the ferrets in my care are terminal or cage mates of terminal ferrets.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Doctor Biddle
Town & Country Veterinary
490 Tucker Dr.
Maysville Ky Mason 41056
Put under shelter name.

Otter has a Santa.


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