Donatello Hi Santas,
Life has been good since coming here. Rescue Mom has been in my life since I was about 6 weeks old. You see I was one of many shipped to the pet store to be sold. It’s not so bad, a little scary but we have each other to rely on while in route to the store. But when I got there my friends got sick. They had to spend time in what the store called “quarantine”. I cried and yelled for them to come back. Well I think I was pretty loud but I can only guess as I am deaf. But when I made what I felt to be loud noises, people came to see me. I wasn’t sure about them and they wanted me to stay still. NO I wanted to RUN! So I bit them as hard as I could. That is when I first met Rescue Mom. She smiled and held me but also let me run around. That was so much better. Although she didn’t take me home then.
Only a short time after meeting Mom, I was taken from the store. Mom says I was stolen. It was a dark time for me. Young people frightened me and I bit and screamed at them. There was no food and I was in a smaller cage than before. I think only a day passed until I was thrown outside after biting the people who stole me. Then a bigger person picked me up and she was pretty nice but still no food. Rescue Mom figures I was gone from the store for about 3 days with no food. The thieves and big person put stuff they must have thought was food but it was for rats. Mom said the big person placed me for sale on something called Craigslist and she came got me.
Once we were at Mom’s house, there was FOOD! And even another ferret I had met when Mom had played with me at the store, Speckles. He showed me how nice it was here.
I just had my second anniversary here and I have learned not to bite people (well not much). I haven’t seen those other people again and I am glad. Mom says I am what is called a “spokesferret”. I get to go in parades and places where I meet a lot of people. Still like to nibble on them. Mom tells all humans that I like to chew on people. I don’t bite, chew because that is how I say “I love you”.
Santa, I promise to be good and show people that we are not rats. How to properly feed us and take care of use. I also promise to not bite people in frustration ever again. But I will chew a “love” and “thank you” from time to time -- never in anger!
Love all you do big man,

Food is our number one need, then melatonin implants. Help support other shelters with the purchase of items such as Pickle Juice - found at the Facebook group "Gifting Trilogy of Good Pet Health" and another FB group, Ferret Giving Tree Gift Ideas 2017. Our shelter always needs melatonin implants and food - so much food! We also go through a lot of puppy pads/disposable under pads.

Please Send Gifts to:
Sammys Clubhouse Spokane Ferret Rescue
Sammy’s Clubhouse is the only ferret rescue that serves Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. We do our best but we need support from the community to keep going.We are fortunate that the online community has stepped forward when the local community has not been able to. This leaves us in need of medical funds and food for the ever increasing ferrets here. Less than a third of our population are healthy enough to rehome.
We really need melatonin implants which can be purchased from Support Our Shelters at a drastically reduced price. Because of the age of most of our ferrets, they really could use a good dental cleaning which averaging in price of 75-150.
Then our kids need food. We feed Drs Foster and Smith ferret food, Totally Ferret Turkey Venison and Lamb, Wysong Ferret Epigen 90, Nature's Variety Instinct Raw Boost rabbit (cat food), Zupreem, Marshalls Select and they go through a large supply of Marshall's Uncle Jim's Duk Soup along with Ferretone (8 in 1 Skin and Coat Supplement). Of course the ferrets all love Pickle Juice - from The Pickled Ferret, Orijen cat and kitten or FROMM chicken or duck.
Then for treats the ferrets love Nbones Chicken and Marshall Bandit treats, chicken is the most popular flavor.
Thank you so much for supporting us.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Julia Leese
Mountain Empire Veterinary Services
12619 E Sprague Ave
Spokane Valley WA US 99216
This clinic is close to us and provides discounts to rescues. She has been our vet for 20 years. We cannot do this without her. Phone number is 5099226191

Donatello has a Santa.


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