Ozzy Ozzy is the oldest resident of the shelter - at 8 years old, he can still play like a baby! He enjoys soupie in the morning, and then back to a nap! An old man, yes, but when encourage, he will play with you like a nut boy! He lost his original cagemate to cardiomyopathy three years ago - but he quickly met a girlfriend (her name is Girlfriend, no kidding!) and made many more friends and currently resides with 5 other ferrets. He starting losing hair to adrenal disease in September of 2015 and has recieved 6 Lupron shots. He has grown his gorgeous black coat back and is a lover and gives the best kisses. He loves soft blankies and sleepsacks, soupies, and pillows.
Please Send Gifts to:
Angel Ferret Shelter Services, Inc.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Kimberli Johnson
American Pet Hospital
3879 E. Sunset Road
Las Vegas Nevada United States 89120

Ozzy has a Santa.


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