Stitch Hello! I am Stitch, a four year old dark sable male resident of Ferret Rescue of Maine. My sister Mia and I came to live at the rescue in June 2016 when our parents could no longer keep us. The folks at the Rescue have given us wonderful care since we arrived.

I have been diagnosed with Adrenal Disease and will need to have monthly Lupron shots until I can get a Desloralin implant. For Christmas, I would appreciate any donations toward medical care be made to my vet (information is listed below). Having an implant will make me a better candidate for adoption and I hope to be able to find my one true home and live out my days with my sister and my new family.

Some things that will help make my stay at the rescue a happy one are:

Soft beds
Marshall's Ferret Food
Totally Ferret Turkey & Venison Food
Walmart Gift Cards (to purchase ingredients for ferret soup)
Home Depot Gift Cards (to help make repairs at the Rescue).

Thank you.
Please Send Gifts to:
Ferret Rescue of Maine
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Katie Erswell
Pine Point Animal Hospital
12 Pine Point Road
Scarborough Maine U.S.A. 04074

Stitch has a Santa.


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