Zuul Zuul and her brother (Winston) were picked up late last year. Both were starved and had to eat their deceased cage mates to survive. While her brother has only occasional issues with biting and fear of loud noises, Zuul struggles with severe anxiety when it comes to humans. She will still attack humans in a room with her, but has many good days where I am allowed to pet her from the other side of a gate. If she has salmon oil, you can pet and kiss her all you want.....just don't run out! She absolutely loves toys and exploring. She loves to chase things as well (and destroyed a broom in the process!)
Please Send Gifts to:
Bandit and Friends Ferret Rescue
All elderly/sick ferrets remain for care and are not adopted out. Many ferrets are adrenal and have insulinoma. Shipped items must be sent to:
1109 7th Ave N
Fargo, ND 58102

due to rural post office hours causing issues in the past. Please add "c/o KayCee Cruz"

The ferrets are currently eating Wysong Epigen 90 digestive support mixed with Nature's Variety Ultimate Protein chicken cat food. One ferret for certain has a predisposition for pea related bladder stones (Ferris) so we always remain pea free. We go through a LOT of food! Roughly 10lbs per week. Salmon oil is used in all medication passes.

Most needed items as of 11-14: vet funds and food
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Ohman
Valley Veterinary Hospital
3210 Main Ave
Fargo ND United States 58103
(701) 232-3391 is the phone number

Zuul has a Santa.


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