Riku Hi, I'm the famous Riku who was surrendered to the shelter in March of 2014 severly ill and took a whole year to recouperate! I am much better now, but time is taking it's toll on me. I now have adrenal disease, dadburnit!I get Lupron shots every 6 months butI'm getting older now. I have a big, huge furry angora ferret friend who plays with me but I am slowing down a lot. I have been getting fevers again and sleeping on a cold pack. Nobody knows what is wrong with me. I am glad I stayed at the shelter so my mom can look after me when I am sick. I eat a lot of Duk Soup and I love stuffed animals.
Please Send Gifts to:
Angel Ferret Shelter Services, Inc.
We especially need food (Wyson, Duk Soup) and Furortone/Ferretone
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Kimberli Johnson, Dr. Kristina Kolmstetter
American Pet Hospital,
7341 S Torrey Pines Dr, 7341 S Torrey Pines Dr.
Las Vegas Nevada United States , 89139, 89139
We have two vets at two different clinics.

Riku has a Santa.


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