Dante Dante has been here the longest. He's about 6.5-7 years old. He has insulinoma and adrenal disease. He also has a very unusual growth on his toe pad. It has been punctured and tested. A ton of bacteria was found. Dante gets very sick on antibiotics and after several rounds, we gave up due to concerns over diarrhea induced prolapse. Topicals did not work. The only option left is having it cut off and sew the wound up...but it is very expensive and he's very old for sedation.
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Bandit and Friends Ferret Rescue
We feed Nature\'s Variety Instinct cat food, Ferris and Ragnar are awaiting ultrasounds, We go through over 400 prednisone pills a month. We are the only rescue for 4 hours in every direction. I refuse to turn a ferret away. We vet at Valley Vet in Fargo, ND. Meds purchased regularly include prednisone, furosemide, enalapril, pimobendan, and theophylline in addition to deslorelin implants. Food, vet bills, and meds are our biggest costs. Comfy durable beds for the elderly, tubes that crinkle or flex and ping pong balls are loved by the younger.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Ohman
Valley Veterinary Hospital
3210 Main Ave
Fargo ND United States 58103
Account is under KayCee Cruz. Currently implanted 5 adrenal ferrets. 7 have insulinoma. 3 more are borderline insulinoma. 2 more I suspect may be adrenal but I just spent $1k implanting 5. 2 males need check ups and abdominal ultrasounds asap due to suspected enlarged organs.

Dante has a Santa.


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