Rupert Rupert has been a long time shelter resident and lost both his cage mates, Eddie, and Samson, earlier this year. He is a very gentle and sweet blaze but has never made any new friends once his 2 buddies passed away. He comes out with his shelter mommy every night, and loves to dook and dance to the cool air of the blow dryer when mom is getting ready for work in the morning! Rupert has insulinoma and adrenal disease which has been well controlled with a deslorelin implant and meds.
Rupert would love a donation to his vet so he can get his deslorelin implant soon. He would also love to get some Ultra One Touch test strips, crocheted eggs, and any of the following:
dangly cat toys
heavy duty tubes
carnivore care
Wellness Core Canned cat food
Wild Callings canned cat food-
Orijen Cat and Kitten Food (Orange and red bag)
GO Fit and Free Cat food (Purple and Black bag)
Acana Cat Food-Meadowland
Orijen Regional Red Cat Food
Gift Certificate to Tractor Supply for litter
Gift Certificate to TargetĀ 
Poopin Pumpkin (contact
Ferret Pickle Juice (
Nail clippers
Laundry Detergent-environmentally friendly!
Downy Unstoppables
Please Send Gifts to:
Washington Metro Area Ferret Outreach
paypal address for tax deductible donations is
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Robin Urie
Paradise Animal Hospital
6350 Frederick Rd #3
Catonsville MD USA 21228
Vet phone: 410-744-4224

Rupert has a Santa.


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