Latte Little chocolate Latte is as delicious as she sounds! She is a sweet little girl who gives kisses, allows a little bit of snuggling, and has a propensity to chomp on shelter mommy's feet! She bunks with her friend Luna, and these two will not accept any other ferrets except their friend Buddy , into their private circle. Latte would love to find her forever home with her friend Luna! Also, she also says she could use any of the following:
dangly cat toys
heavy duty tubes
carnivore care
Wellness Core Canned cat food
Wild Callings canned cat food-
Orijen Cat and Kitten Food (Orange and red bag)
GO Fit and Free Cat food (Purple and Black bag)
Acana Cat Food-Meadowland
Orijen Regional Red Cat Food
Gift Certificate to Tractor Supply for litter
Gift Certificate to TargetĀ 
Poopin Pumpkin (contact
Ferret Pickle Juice (
Nail clippers
Laundry Detergent-environmentally friendly!
Downy Unstoppables
Please Send Gifts to:
Washington Metro Area Ferret Outreach
paypal address for tax deductible donations is
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Robin Urie
Paradise Animal Hospital
6350 Frederick Rd #3
Catonsville MD USA 21228
Vet phone: 410-744-4224

Latte has a Santa.


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