Nanuq I came across Nanuq ("Nookers") in a Craigslist ad while I was looking for something else. The photo they showed indicated a very sick ferret that they were giving away. I arranged to pick him up and he was in worse condition than the photo showed. He was so emaciated you could see and count every rib in his body. He also had a severe ear mite infestation which took almost a month to eradicate. A month later he was diagnosed with insulinoma and adrenal disease. Thanks to good food, vet care and time, Nookers survived and is doing wonderfully! He is a permanent resident.
Please Send Gifts to:
Furever Home Ferret Rescue & Sanctuary
Of our 13 residents, six are Hospice. Anything is appreciated by our kids!
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Callie Habrun
Friendship Veterinary Hospital
623 Beal Pkwy
Ft Walton Beach FL USA 32547
Donations to our vet for future healthcare would be so appreciated!

Nanuq has a Santa.


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