Badger I am Badger the love bug. I will nip your ankle if I feel I need you to pick me up and love me. I live with Olaf and Dottie. Our former owners couldn't keep us because their young daughter was very, very allergic to us.
I don't have anything special that I like to do, but I do like to give Dottie a bad time....she doesn't like me picking on her...what a woos.
I have a heart issue and get 2 meds to help. I am glad the human had those meds because I have a bit more energy and can still give my cagemates a bad time.
Soft blankets, the cave, kibble, soupies and lots of lovin sure make our life easier and more comfortable. Thank you for lovin' on me. Love you Santa.
By the way, I am softer, fluffier and much more handsome now. That pic was when I came to the shelter.
Please Send Gifts to:
Denise's Delightful Dookers Ferret Rescue
We have 41 ferrets with serious health issues or hospice needs. 13 ferrets under the age of 11 mths. 7 ferrets 2 to 3 yrs.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Holly Carter
Evergreen Avian & Exotic animal hospital
12930. NE 125th Way. B130
Kirkland WA USA 98034
Phone #425 821 6165

Badger has a Santa.


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