Ria Ria has had a tough go of it. Her and her brother, Magnum (who we lost to lymphoma in March 2015), came into rescue as an owner surrender in May 2014. Both were sick and had completely flat affects. It took about six months for Ria to start acting normal. In the last 1.5 years she has lost not only her brother, but three bonded friends as well. She was diagnosed with insulinoma about seven months ago, and lymphoma about two months ago. I'm just starting to see the effects of the lymphoma progressing, but she's in no pain, eating, drinking and alert. She LOVES her Orijen treats still! Ria is a permanent resident.
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Furever Home Ferret Rescue & Sanctuary
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Dr. Callie Habrun
Friendship Veterinary Hospital
623 Beal Pkwy
Ft Walton Beach FL USA 32547
Donations to our vet for future healthcare would be so appreciated!

Ria has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


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