Jasmine I'z hadz a real hard year..I losed ma big brudder Pookie he wuz such a sweetumz and I likez to makez surez everybuddy iz all okayz...when he gotz real badz they put himz in a differentz cage and I only sawz him a bitz after that..he wuz real sick and I triedz to make himz better..then he wuz gone and I lostz ma head wid da grief. I rippedz our cagez apartz and searchedz every where for himz for dayz..but he wuz gonez..see we'z love each udderz SO much..we'z been together since we'z babiez and been through thick and thinz...We followz each udderz everywherez and where one goez the udderz go...but Pookumz just gonez...I betterz now butz it wuz real hardz..My favorite ting to doz aside from kissing ma brudder and sister is to hoardz stuff..the more I can hoardz the happier Iz am.
Jasmine is Jasper twin sister. She is four and still full of energy. She wrestle's with Jasper daily and loves to hide all the toys she can. At bedtime she does head counts and kisses each fuzzy. We call her the little Momma of the group. Zoey, Jasper, Jasmine have been here two years now and require a home with no other uncaged animals as they become very stressed with dogs, cats, and small children.
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Jasmine has a Santa.


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