Marshmallow I'z iz Queen of the castlez and dontz likez udderz girlz sticking their snootz in. I'z love to play hardz with udderz (boyz) andz I lovez to sleepz as I am getting olderz. Diz iz homez for me nowz cause Id'z have a lotz of health issuez and iz too old for anyonez else...I luvz snugglez and being carried aroundz...Ma favoritz toy iz tinky knot know all those rubberiez tingz with the bell inside..and tubez love me some tubez...and well foodz I eatz anythingz causez food is nom nom...

Marshmallow is a older girl with many health issues which make her unadoptable. She loves her boy companions and following people like a puppy. She also enjoys warm showers and puts her face up into the falling water..just the sweetest girl so long as there are no other female ferrets around..she doesn't like to share her boys.
Please Send Gifts to:
Fuzzy Friends Ferret Rescue
We are a Canadian Rescue
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Northland Animal Hospital

Our vet prefers that donations are made to us to save a headache with his accountant.

Marshmallow has a Santa.


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