Bandit Um..hi..Iz luvz to sleepz..if it's cozy I sleepz in itz...I have ma own one story now cauz my back legz not workinz so much anymorez..I miz sleeping wid udderz but sure likez having ma own hammock.
Bandit came to us with Marshmallow. Bandit has never had the ability to get his back end coordinated with his front end. He is showing signs of insulinoma and adrenal disease and will spend the rest of his life here at the rescue with Marshmallow. He is over 6 although we aren't really sure how old he is. He loves to be cozy and warm.
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Fuzzy Friends Ferret Rescue
We are a Canadian Rescue
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Northland Animal Hospital

Our vet prefers that donations are made to us to save a headache with his accountant.

Bandit has a Santa.


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