Ruby Hiza folkz..Iz a young Real Canadian Guirlz whoze got so muchz energiezz....they say itz cause I eatz like a pigz..I sayz whats wrongs wid a girlz who lubs her foodz? I eats both handz on the dish and tuckz rightz in...when I knowz itz play time I run, run, run...I mayz grabz your sockz wid a wee nip and runz awayz cuz you bedder playz wid me hooman..I havz so much energiez I wear out my playmatez..he'z stayingz here as a foster baby and is big like me but boyz oh boyz he'z lazy..Me'z no way run, run,run and playz...
Ruby is a chocolate sable who has such a sweet, energetic personality. She is under two and weighs a hefty bit. Her favorite game is keep away and she loves soft beds..Hammocks just won't due because she's so hefty..
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Fuzzy Friends Ferret Rescue
We are a Canadian Rescue
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Northland Animal Hospital

Our vet prefers that donations are made to us to save a headache with his accountant.

Ruby has a Santa.


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