Bandit III
Bandit III Update: Bandit went to the rainbow bridge after her kidneys shut down. She was a sweet, delicate, ferret whose stay here was brief but left an indelible mark on all who knew her. -gone too soon ***
I'z Bandit I am six and uh..well...I likez to hoardz stuff a lot.
Bandit has been with us a short while and is showing some very serious health concerns. She is currently being treated for bladder issues. We are hopeful she mends soon.
She clearly loves hoomans and toys. One will need to be careful that she doesn't ingest anything with her penchant for chewing on them.
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Fuzzy Friends Ferret Rescue
We are a Canadian Rescue
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Northland Animal Hospital

Our vet prefers that donations are made to us to save a headache with his accountant.

Bandit III has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.


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