Nosey-Posey Nosey-Posey
Adorable guy, was meant to be adopted right out, but a now permanent resident. He has dilated cardiomyopathy & others attack him, so it's best he on own( occasionally gets Cap'n Jack to play with), he needs to stay calm as possible while still being a ferret. He has come a Long way in a year! Was turned into the SPCA, from a 16 yr old kid, that's all I know for back story. He was a wet coughing, skinny, balding, scared mess with very brittle hair when I got him. He is now loved, medicated, vet checked, implanted ( 2times now), soft & hairy, & loves me... as I do him. He loves Tubes, his soupie , & crinkly type toys ( also loves empty coffee containers lol, but we have plenty of those)
We eat Wysong ferret Archetype( freeze dry raw) -any flavor
Stella & Chewys feline-favorite Duck, Duck Goose, but appreciate any flavor
Origen cat & Kitten kibble
We love Natures Variety freeze dried raw chicken or turkey flavor ( treats)
Pure Salmon oil helps get my yucky heart meds down
I love water play
Crinkle sacks, anything baggie or crinkle sounding, & soft at type lounge beds with blankies
Our vet is Cote Animal Hospital, Dr Irene Cote (858)452-7100
We appreciate any help, as his vet care is non stop! Have to get X-Rays often
Ultrasound place is Veterinary Imaging Center of San Diego (858)634-5430
He needs another soon they are so expensive $395
Please Send Gifts to:
Frank\'s Fort

Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Irene Cote
Cote Animal Hospital
8915 Towne Center Dr #110
San Diego Ca USA 92122

Nosey-Posey has a Santa.


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