Tiny Tim
Tiny Tim Tiny Tim
He came to me very tiny in size with a group of 4( he not tiny anymore lol)
He a serious snuggle boy now. This sweet freckle nosed / adorable ears kid owns my heart, he is a forever resident here. He has several medical issues, one a very weird spleen, it's split and huge, he is not a surgical canadite however. He is about 6ish years old now. ( approx age only). This boy loves his food! His freeze dried treats, snuggle time with momma & comfy sleeping items ( large size lol)
We use Stella & Chewys freeze dried raw feline duck duck goose is favorite but appreciate any flavors, Wysong Archetype freeze dried raw any flavor, dreamy treats from Wysong or Natures variety freeze dried raw treats, salmon oil & Origen cat & kitten kibbles....we eat lots of raw grinds too, but not sure how that would work!
Mom says we use paper pellet litter( lots), puppy pads, & paper towels too
I Love jingle rolling balls, crinkle tubes, any tubes and thank you ❤️
Please Send Gifts to:
Frank\'s Fort

Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Irene Cote
Cote Animal Hospital
8915 Towne Center Dr #110
San Diego Ca USA 92122

Tiny Tim has a Santa.


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