Cap'n Jack Sparrow
Cap'n Jack Sparrow Cap'n Jack Sparrow
This sweet boy is about 6ish years old. He will be a sanctuary/forever resident. The reason is he came in with group of 4, he has severe IBD, and blockage issues. He has had surgery once, but passed bad blockages 5 other times. He has to be closely monitored for eating, pooping, & teeth grinding. He gets meds, weigh ins and e dry 6 hours soupies.
This boy loves his soup! Needs his soup! Wysong Archetype freeze dried raw his favorite, and Stella & chewys FDR feline duck duck goose the fav but we love other flavors too. Salmon oil to swallow yucky meds helps.
He likes tubing, crinkly things, sleep sacks( large as he loves snuggling, and larger type cat/dog beds with blankies to snuggle with his crowd.
Vet help is always appreciated or pet co gift cards for litter
Thank you
Please Send Gifts to:
Frank\'s Fort

Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Irene Cote
Cote Animal Hospital
8915 Towne Center Dr #110
San Diego Ca USA 92122

Cap'n Jack Sparrow has a Santa.


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