Smoke Hello, my name is Smoke. I am a sensitive little special blind ferret. You see, I was given up at almost 9.5 years old because my owner couldn't afford the eye surgery I needed. My hospice mom got the operation to remove my faulty eye and it was a tough recovery process but I pulled through and even though I'm blind now and even have lymphoma and adrenal disease, I don't let it get me down. I'm anxious around new ferrets because I don't know if they're going to hurt me or not, but I love my pals Rue and Wilfred and can still make my way up 2 flights of stairs to the fridge to beg for chicks. My nose is a chick magnet lol.

My Christmas wishes are pretty simple. I'd like some big snuggly, warm blankets for me and my buddies this winter. We all live in a room mom lovingly calls Pooptown as we are all sort of incontinent, so we need lots of jumbo incontinence pads (the 30x36in size or bigger are all she can use) to cover the floor in our room, as many as you want to send, because we go through lots! My last extra special request is for a big box of frozen chicks since I demand 3 a day from mom and it can be quite expensive. She gets them from RodentPro I think so if you're gonna fulfill this request, please ask for our special address before shipping so I can be there for the mailman- thank you so much!
Please Send Gifts to:
Heart Of Ohio Ferret Association And Rescue
Please send gifts to:
c/o Pat Highley, Shelter Director
5519 Columbus Rd
Centerburg, OH 43011
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Dan Beer
Care Pet Clinic

Columbus OH USA

Smoke has a Santa.


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