Princess Hi I'm Princess! I'm a devil of a spirited ferret, but never mind all that- I've been pretty good and deserve some Christmas joy! I was given up to hospice with my paralyzed sister, Emma, who sadly passed away this year. I'm forever in hospice despite being only 5 because I have a salivary mucocele (my big face lump) that I had surgery to remove, along with my affected eye, but it didn't work and I require regular drainings of the mucus and my family couldn't afford it. I also have adrenal disease but I'm still a very wound up, fun-loving, and tough little girl.

I don't ask for much as I pretty much rule the roost here. I'd like some big hammocks to lounge around in when I have downtime. And I love carting around my kong toys, or similar small, indestructible hard rubber toys so I'd like some more of those to covet. And of course all of us here like the Instinct Rawboost Mixers, the Rabbit flavor. Oh and maybe some nice medium sized ceramic shallow dishes for mom to make us hospice kids our big bowls of mush twice a day. She can also use the 30x36 jumbo incontinence pads for my less litter box-acclimated friends here- just tryna help mom out as she does so much for us! Anything special you can do to help my mom and make her life easier would make me happy, as she takes so much care to drain my face every couple weeks and is so gentle with me- I love her so and want her to be happy so please send her something lovely too. Thanks a million!
Please Send Gifts to:
Heart Of Ohio Ferret Association And Rescue
Please send gifts to:
c/o Pat Highley, Shelter Director
5519 Columbus Rd
Centerburg, OH 43011
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Dan Beer
Care Pet Clinic

Columbus OH USA

Princess has a Santa.


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