Rue Hi, my name's Rue. I know I look quite ill, but despite long term adrenal disease, I'm a fairly happy ferret. I've had a rough year though- I lost my best pal Pancake to lymphoma, I broke a toe, and I moved hospice homes. I like to take everything in stride though and I actually love my hospice house because mom lets me poop on everything! And I've made good friends with Wilfred and Smoke here as they are the best cuddlers and keep me nice and warm since I really don't have fur. So I like to look on the bright side and the hospice moms really love having me around wherever I am because I'm such a smiley little old lady, even though I sometimes bite to tell them how much I love them :)

For Christmas, I don't ask for much for myself. I'd mostly love some big thick blankets for me and my buddies to snuggle in this winter- it's cold with no fur, so the thicker the better! Any bedding in general I can use as I cuddle up lots. And I do enjoy snacking on those Instinct mixers, rabbit flavor- they're so tasty- and ferretone of course! Mostly I want stuff for mom- as I'm a messy girl and go through lots of blankies and beds- so if you can please get her a big jug of Tide Clean Breeze laundry soap for my endless laundry. And please get us lots of the extra big incontinence pads (30x36 in or bigger) to cover the floor of our room as we go through quite a bit- we don't call our room Pooptown for nothing! And she can always use paper towels, or things like Amazon cards as she's always buying stuff for us. Thanks for thinking of me!
Please Send Gifts to:
Heart Of Ohio Ferret Association And Rescue
Please send gifts to:
c/o Pat Highley, Shelter Director
5519 Columbus Rd
Centerburg, OH 43011
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Dan Beer
Care Pet Clinic

Columbus OH USA

Rue has a Santa.


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