Twinkle Hewwoo, my name is Twinkle.
My life started out really bad, I was bought from a pet store as a baby and den given away a few days later because I had a sore eye and was coughing.
I was taken to da vets by ma rescuer who found out I had Plural Effusion because my lung often collapses. I have special treatment in an oxygen tank. Dey said I would not live past a year I am now just over 2 years old

I was so lucky to find such wonderful foster parents.
I wuv crinkle sacks, sleeping in cubes, playmats and warm sleep sacks.
I eats Totally Ferret Chicken mixed with Epigen Digestive Support.
Fank you so much for selecting me off the tree. I loves anyfing you choose to send.
Please Send Gifts to:
PNW Ferret Foster Family Group
This is a group of 21 foster parents who care for these fuzzies, it is not a central location but organized by 2 main ladies along with the support of the foster parents
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Krueger
All Creatures Animal Hospital
4242 State Highway 3 W
Bremerton WA USA 98312
Accounts are held by the independent foster parents but paid through the account Steven & Marina Ray

Twinkle has a Santa.


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