Shadow Hi everyone! I'm Shadow and I came here a few years ago with my brother and sister. We came to live here cause we got sick and our Mommy couldn't care for us anymore. The doctor says I'm adrenal and need an implant. I'm about 3, and love to run with my friends, go tubing and of course sleep in huge piles of all my friends here! What I would love most for a prezzie is some crinkle tubes to romp in and crochet eggs that I can stash.

We also have a wishlist, with some other stuffs we always need, like puppy pads, and paper towels. Of course to, the vet bill is always in need of donations, and we eat Wysong ferret food, so some bags of food would be fantastic as well. Gift cards to Sams Club or Walmart will help alot cause Momma gets some supplies for us from there as well. She says she will provide receipts to anyone that asks as well. Thanks for reading about me and for helping shelter ferrets!
Please Send Gifts to:
I Am Ferret
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Dianne Barr
Parkville Heights Animal Hospital
8830 NW 63rd Street
Parkville, MO US 64152

Shadow has a Santa.


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