Gretchen Gretchen is a rambunctious 5yo that loves to bite and play Houdini and she’s very good at it lol. Gretchen and her 3 cage mates came from a pet store because of their extreme biting and drawing blood. With consistent handling and positive reinforcement and routine the biting has decreased drastically.

I would like to ask santa for things I can share with my other ferret friends.
Food : taste of the wild (green bag), pro plan, Iams, Marshalls, core, instinct, totally ferret venison,
Treats : N bones, ferretone, all bandit treats flavors
Supplements: Stella and chewy freeze dried, freeze dried livers, totally Ferret complete supplement powder.
Toys : croquet eggs, tunnel tubes, balls, any toys
Gift cards so momma can buy puppy pads and soup ingredients to krogers, Walmart, Petsmart, feeders supply, Visa card, & Dr Foster and Smith.
Vet donations can be made to
Shively animal clinic
2401 Dixie hwy
Louisville KY 40216
Please Send Gifts to:
Sephy's Ferret Sanctuary
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Sara, Dr Joyce, Dr Mary Jane, Dr Joe
Shively Aniaml Clinic
2401 Dixie hwy
Louisville Ky USA 40216
Pay on Sephy Ferret Sanctuary account

Gretchen has a Santa.


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