Leesa Hello! I'm kind of a shy girl. I was found in an apartment laundry room. The people were trying to kill me. They thought I was a rat. I had to hide until a washer repairman saved me and brought me to the rescue. This nice lady gave me some Ferretone and I LOVE it! My favorite place to sleep is a soft bag made by cabsynth on Etsy.com. I can snuggle in and nobody can get in to bother me. My favorite foods are ZuPreem Grain Free and Evo Duck & Turkey cat food. Did I mention that I love Ferretone? I have adrenal disease but the melatonin implant isn't working for me, so a Deslorelin implant was ordered for me. I heard the Shelter Mom saying how expensive these are. It would be great if someone could pay on the vet bill to help cover the cost of my treatment. Have a Merry Christmas!
Please Send Gifts to:
Kindness Matters Ferret Rescue
21 ferrets in foster homes (rescue pays for medical care)
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
James Potts
Bartow Animal Hospital
124 S Morningside Drive
Cartersville GA USA 30120

Leesa has a Santa.


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