Ruby I was given da name Ruby but I reckon with my life story I should have been called Xena cause I am a real fighter.
I suffer from adrenal, insulinoma, joints that pop out of their sockets and liver disease.
The early part of my life I went from home to home, one of ma moms she had an abusive husband who took it out on me too, one of ma dads was military and ma mom she didn't like me so I spent months upon months maybe even a year or more in a dirty cage
I am now 8 yo and I have been told I will not go to another home, this will be ma final home and I am very loved.

I LOVE snuggle snacks cause I can curls up and stay warms, playmats are so much fun.
I have a Dbl FN cage that needs some new liners cause I make boo boos sometimes and they are wearing out from all da washing.
I am old so ma foster mom she lets me have treats, I like da Marshalls Banana flavored.
I have soups made with the Stella & Chewy range of Freeze Dried flavors and eat Wysong Digestive Support, Totally Ferret Chicken & Totally Ferret Venison.
Fank you for reading my story.
Please Send Gifts to:
PNW Ferret Foster Family Group
This is a group of 21 foster parents who care for these fuzzies, it is not a central location but organized by 2 main ladies along with the support of the foster parents
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Krueger
All Creatures Animal Hospital
4242 State Highway 3 W
Bremerton WA USA 98312
Accounts are held by the independent foster parents but paid through the account Steven & Marina Ray

Ruby has a Santa.


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