Sissy Hi my name is Sissy. I was surrendered with my brother Hank when our previous owner could no longer afford our care. I'm approximately 8 years old. I have adrenal and insulinoma and am being treated with a Deslorelin implant and prednisolone. I'm still fairly active and LOVE to stash the small stuffed toys around and sleep in dark, warm places.

Suggestions for my Christmas list include a small oval bed from Petsmart, a cozy sleepsack or something dark to sleep in, some PickleJuice oil blend and maybe just a couple small stuffed toys.

For more suggestions please see below for our shelter list. Thank you for reading my story. If you want to be my Santa please make sure to check your email after choosing me and click on the confirmation link to confirm. If you don't do this I might not get a Santa or will be put back up on the tree within a couple days.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family :)

Here is a list of items our shelter can use:

Gift cards:

Walmart for baby food which Sam's Club also uses for cleaning supplies and pee pads.

Tractor Supply for litter.

Petco or Petsmart for round cat beds as we use several.

Visa Gift cards to use for medicine and pet food at local stores. Foods we use are Orijen Regional Red Cat and Cat/Kitten.

Aldi gift cards where we purchase turkey for our soup mix.

Ferret Nupro

Alpha Trac 2 test strips

Marshall's clear tubes as we go through a lot of these.

Pickledferret's PickleJuice which is a blend of high quality oils the ferrets love and is good for them which we also use to help with compounded meds

Donations to our vet


After choosing a ferret on The Giving Tree please make sure to click on the confirmation email sent to you. If not followed through the ferret will go back up on the tree and someone else has a chance to pick them instead.
Please Send Gifts to:
Stinky Pete's Ferret Retreat
We currently have several older ferrets, ferrets with health issues and ones that have been either found outside or neglected.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Anne Scholl Mealey, D.V.M.
Chickasaw Trail Animal Hospital
8555 Curry Ford Road
Orlando FL USA 32825-8427

Sissy has a Santa.


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