Scratchy Scratchy recently came into the shelter along with his cage mate, Itchy. He is approximately 3 years old and is very devoted to his cage mate. He is in a Ferret Nation cage but doesn’t seem the least bit interested in the ramp or shelf because Itchy stays on the floor. He is currently eating Meijer brand food. His owner said he and his Significant Other are living with his parents in order to save money to purchase a house and when they find a house, he’d like to come back for them. I’ve heard stories like this before but I really hope he does.
Please Send Gifts to:
West Michigan Ferret Connection
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Michael M Phelps, DVM
Coit Animal Clinic
1956 Coit NE
Grand Rapids Michigan United States 49505

Scratchy has a Santa.


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