Albe Albe came to us with his cage and food, but no name or medical history. We welcomed him with open arms, gave him his name, and got him to the vet when it became clear that something was off with him.

His age is unknown, but we suspect Albe is at least 4 or 5 years old. He was diagnosed with Insulinoma after coming to us, although he is being managed wonderfully with daily Prednisolone.

Albe does not get along with other ferrets, so he'd really love some warm bedding to cuddle up in over the cooler months. He seems to really love cuddle bags and the likes that he can cuddle right up in! Albe is not a big fan of playing with toys, although he loves freeze-dried meat treats.

Albe would also appreciate donations to our PayPal to help with costs of his ongoing medication and vet bills. Albe also needs to be neutered if he is to find himself a new home. You can send funds via PayPal to
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Ontario Ferret Rescue

Albe has a Santa.


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