Daisy Hi! This is Daisy from the Ferret Rescue of Maine. My brother, Spot, and I came to the Rescue almost a year ago. Our shelter mom and dad are taking great care of us while we wait for our new mommy and dad to adopt us.

Thank you for picking a ferret from the tree this year. It is my wish that all of the ferrets on the tree will have a Santa this year.

For me, I have Adrenal Disease. To help Spot and I get adopted, my wish is for contributions to my vet so that I can get an implant.

For me and my friends, we love Totally Ferret turkey venison food. You have to get it from Totally Ferret, but if you call them, you can put it on our account (Ferret Rescue of Maine). Our shelter mom and dad mix it with Marshall's food for us.

Our most favorite thing has to be NBones, so some of those would be great, too.

Thank you!
Please Send Gifts to:
Ferret Rescue of Maine
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Katie Erswell
Pine Point Animal Hospital
12 Pine Point Rd.
Scarborough Me. Usa 04074

Daisy has a Santa.


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