Zeek Now gaze into my boo boo eyes! My name is Zeek and I have you under my spell! I am one wild and crazy ferret and have 4-bestest friends in the whole wide world! I came from bad beginnings from drug addicts and was super thin, and afraid of everyone. Now I have the 4-bestest friends so, I will need a large hammies, ferretone would be nice as well, plus any ferret safe toys. I have friends to share with.
What the shelter really needs is money for vet bill at Dr. Keith Gold Chadwell Animal Hospital
3004 Emmorton Rd Abingdon, MD 21009-2024, Gift Cards from Walmart, Fosters and Smith.
Please Send Gifts to:
Oxford ferret rescue
About 80 % of the ferrets here are over 6 years old and many have health issues
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr Keith Gold, Dr Tamie Haskin
Chadwell Animal Hospital
3004 Emmorton Rd
Abngdon MD USA 21009
Four great ferret vets at this clinic!!

Zeek has a Santa.


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