Pete Pete is probably our oldest boy in the group. He is approx 9-10 years old. He is insulinomic and mostly blind but he gets around pretty good. He came to us about 3 years ago from a neglectful situation. He and his cage-mate had been passed around from person to person before coming to our FURS foster home. Sadly, his cage-mate passed away a couple of years ago. Thankfully Pete had other elderly ferret friends in his foster home to cuddle with. His best friend is Smoke, another elderly, blind boy in FURS. They love their cuddle cups and small cat beds.
Due to Petes age, he has some issues getting in the litterbox, so his foster uses puppy pee pads in front of them to make it easier on Pete.
His favorite toys are spongy balls. He is of course closely monitored when playing with them. He never chews them, he just likes walking around with them in his mouth. It is the cutest thing to see!
We treasure everyday we have with Pete. He is a special little boy! Says his foster mom.
**All of the ferrets with Ferrets Unlimited Rescue Services need food (Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten or Duck, Earthborn Holistic Primitive Feline, Nature's Variety Instinct Chicken, Solid Gold Indigo Moon, Taste of the Wild Rocky Mountain, and Wellness CORE Kitten). Carnivore Care, Drs. Foster & Smith or Petsmart gift cards for food or Walmart gift cards for cleaning supplies and Costco gift cards for medications. Puppy pee pads for our elderly ferrets. Also, fleece blankets are always needed!
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Pete has a Santa.


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