Cujo Hi there my name is Cujo and I have been at Bon Temps for four years. My brother and sister I came in with have since crossed that bridge but I have friends I need to help dad take care of. You can help too, we like blankets and n-bones as well my sister likes to play with wonkies. I do not play that much as I am old (9 years old) and have some issues with MCTs (dad calls them) I have had surgery to have one bad one removed in the past though have several now as well as adrenal.

We also could use stuff for soupie or gift cards to pick up the items from Walllymart and stuff for the litter boxes from Tractor Suppply shhhh do not tell dad but I do not always use the litter box any more.

Hope everyone has a great Christmas and hugs and kisses to all other ferrets and ferret mom and dads out there.
Please Send Gifts to:
Bon Temps Ferret Rescue

Thank you for all your help and support of the little ones. We have made great changes in the past year or so and now rarely have them in cages so playpens are used and could always use more to increase play areas overall.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Murrillo
Broussard Animal Clinic
103 Broadmoor Blvd,
Lafayette LA USA 70503
Telephone (337) 988-5022

Cujo has a Santa.


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