Big Boy
Big Boy Hello I am Big Boy, I am 9 years old and have been at Bon Temps Ferret Rescue for over three years now. I stay alone because I do not always like company unless if is my Dad or another hooman. I have adrenal and mcts though Dad says surgery for them may not be good because I am old.

I love the soupie I eat a lot of that and also enjoy N-bones that I can hide in the house for later. I get to stay in the house because I need extra attention. I like the dry food too with the Orijen, Wellness Core and Dr, Foster and Smith. Could always use a new pillow bed cause Dad got after me I ripped a hole in mine so I can crawl inside it and hide when I need my medicine (Prednisolone)

We always can use Wal mart cards for soupie and cleaning supplies, Tractor Supply for litter and heartworm meds and funds to help with our vet.

Thank you and have Merry Christmas and watch out for hidden treats ;)
Please Send Gifts to:
Bon Temps Ferret Rescue

Thank you for all your help and support of the little ones. We have made great changes in the past year or so and now rarely have them in cages so playpens are used and could always use more to increase play areas overall.
Vet Bills Can Be Paid At:
Dr. Murrillo
Broussard Animal Clinic
103 Broadmoor Blvd,
Lafayette LA USA 70503
Telephone (337) 988-5022

Big Boy has a Santa.


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